Sandra Goodman has been working with us at Navitas since 2015 in both a Reiki Practitioner and Teacher capacity. 

What we love most about Sandra is how passionate she is about energy and her own dedication to her personal practice plus how dedicated she is to her clients. Sandra through her own journey of Reiki has discovered bio-energy and also Soul Realignment, both of which are carried out at the Centre.

Since 2015 we have had the blessings of watching Sandra blossom into a truly wonderful practitioner and also teacher. 

Sandra’s Professional Bio
Sandra studied Level 1 Usui Shiki Ryoho western Reiki in February 2013 and practiced on everyone who would let her. With her enthusiasm for delving deeper, she discovered and started attending the Reiki Shares at Navitas. Sandra went onto to do Reiki Level 2 in April 2013 and noticed an immediate difference in her hands-on treatments. She also discovered a love for carrying out distant treatments, so much so she volunteered for the Distant Healing Network and has been providing Reiki to a different client each week ever since. 

In November 2014 Sandra began her Level 3 Master Practitioner the advanced Reiki training at the Navitas Centre and kept on building her treatment hours. Sandra stopped counting her cumulative treatments in November 2015 by which time she had done 369 treatments.  

Through the continued love for energy, Sandra also studied Level 1 and Level 2 Bio-energy which compliments her Reiki practice.

After all the self-development work that Sandra had done on herself, she found that she wanted to go even deeper within. She felt ready to study the Japanese system of Reiki by starting Shoden Level 1 in March 2015 and Okuden Level 2 in June the same year. Once again these additional practices continued to change her relationship with herself and the energy for both self-healing and treating others.

In February 2016 Sandra studied Soul Realignment which supported her Reiki journey of getting to know her true self even further, at soul level. She has since studied level 2 and level 3 and has found this modality also compliments her Reiki practice. 

In January 2017 Sandra really wanted to help others to embrace Reiki as it had such a positive effect on her own life so she studied the western Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho Master teacher level and ran her first Level 1 course for Navitas in March 2017.
Sandra attended the Shinpiden Japanese Reiki Master Teacher course in February 2018 and is currently building her experience before adding Japanese Reiki courses to her portfolio.

Sandra’s Personal Comments
I can’t emphasise enough how important Navitas has been to me. It is a growing community of individuals who come together for different events to practice skills and continue to learn and develop. 

When I train western Reiki courses my goal is to empower others. So in addition to learning how to do self-healing and healing for friends and family, I enjoy sharing different ways to integrate Reiki energy into everyday life.  I strongly believe that Reiki finds you. If you are ready to become more self-empowered for the benefit of yourself and those around you Reiki can become a foundation stone for your journey as it has been for mine.

I would love to be of service to you so if you would like to learn Reiki with me or book a treatment to experience Reiki with me first please get in touch. 

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