I have been working with Simon and Navitas Centre since 2017 on various projects and until recently also worked at Keele University as a member of the biochemistry undergraduate teaching team. I am now happily able to combine my love of teaching with my love of Reiki and bring a passion for both to my classes; life doesn’t get much better than this!

I feel the key to being a good teacher is to be able to support and inspire in equal measure, to understand the difficult aspects and celebrate the successes. It is also essential to be able to teach in different ways for different people, to empower, encourage and most of all to have fun whilst doing it! 

I first came to Navitas in May 2014 when I took my first Reiki course and achieved Level 1 Usui Shiki Ryoho, practicing on anything that didn’t move away quickly enough! The changes this brought to my life and also to those closest to me were dramatic and I could not wait to take the Level 2 course in October later that year. I began using my Reiki more and more, not only during self and hands on treatments, but also within distant healing which proved very useful not only with people but with animals too. I now am a member of Animal Reiki Source Healing Circle and regularly provide distant healing to animals through this group. 

After working with the teachings of level 1 and Level 2 Reiki for a couple of years and seeing the positive effect it was having on my health and happiness, I wanted to learn more and decided to also study the authentic Japanese system.  Through Shoden Level 1, followed by Okuden Level 2 in January and July 2017, I learned practices and meditations that allowed me to discover even more about myself.  I then really wanted to be able to share Reiki teachings with others and so in January 2018 felt ready to progress to Level 3 Master Practitioner advanced Reiki training, rapidly followed by Shinpiden Japanese Reiki Master Teacher in February 2018. I can now bring my experience and love of teaching and combine it with my twin passion of Reiki, sharing the positive and truly transformative effects of Reiki with as many others as I can. 

I wouldn’t so much say that Reiki is part of my life now, more that it is the foundation that everything is built on; it is integrated into everything I do. For me Reiki is similar to science in many ways, they both hold the key to understanding life, but in different ways - to learn Reiki really does open the eyes to new way of looking at the world! 

I would love to be part of your Reiki journey, either through a treatment or during one of my courses and am happy to chat through any questions you may have before, after or during! 

Love & light
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